BACED Catchment Area

The Burk’s Falls & Area Community Economic Development  Committee (BACED) has grown!  We are excited to announce a new partnership for 2018 with the former EcoDev committee.  The expanded BACED committee now serves: The Township of Perry, Township of McMurrich Monteith, Municipality of Magnetawan, Township of Armour, Township of Ryerson, and the Village of Burks Falls.

BACED is committed to ensuring the economic and social prosperity of the region. Our objective is to develop our environment by creating and growing strong partnerships between municipalities, businesses, community groups and local residents.

Together we will celebrate and preserve our rich culture, heritage, natural beauty and quality of life through effective leadership, strong communication and proactive planning for the future of our community.

We’d love to hear from you. Let’s get in touch!

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2018 BACED Committee Meeting Minutes: December 102019-05-23T17:51:16-04:00
2018 BACED Committee Meeting Minutes: November 262019-05-23T17:49:52-04:00
2018 BACED Committee Meeting Minutes: October 152019-05-23T17:48:14-04:00
2018 BACED Committee Meeting Minutes: September 172019-05-23T17:46:43-04:00
2018 BACED Committee Meeting Minutes: August 132019-05-23T17:44:14-04:00
2018 BACED Committee Meeting Minutes: July 92019-05-23T17:44:38-04:00
2018 BACED Committee Meeting Minutes: June 112018-07-30T14:00:50-04:00
2018 BACED Committee Meeting Minutes: May 142018-07-30T13:59:20-04:00
2018 BACED Committee Meeting Minutes: April 92018-07-30T13:57:42-04:00
2018 BACED Committee Meeting Minutes: March 122018-07-30T13:54:59-04:00
2018 BACED Committee Meeting Minutes: February 122018-03-14T11:37:16-04:00
2018 BACED Committee Meeting Minutes: January 152018-03-14T11:38:05-04:00
2017 BACED Committee Minutes: December 112018-03-14T11:26:10-04:00
2017 BACED Committee Minutes: November 132017-12-12T13:50:16-04:00
2017 BACED Committee Minutes: October 22017-12-12T13:47:36-04:00
2017 BACED Committee Minutes: August 14 & 29 (Special)2017-12-12T13:48:29-04:00
2017 BACED Committee Minutes: June 122017-12-12T13:39:30-04:00
2017 BACED Committee Minutes: May 82017-09-27T16:27:58-04:00
2017 BACED Committee Minutes: April 102017-09-27T16:27:32-04:00
2017 BACED Committee Minutes: March 132017-09-27T16:27:10-04:00
2017 BACED Committee Minutes: February 132017-09-27T16:21:47-04:00
2017 BACED Committee Minutes: January 92017-09-27T16:20:31-04:00
2016 BACED Committee Minutes: December 122017-09-27T16:16:49-04:00
2016 BACED Committee Minutes: November 142017-09-27T16:14:22-04:00
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